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ESG Review: Enhanced, Accelerated, Simplified Security

Understand The Ins-and-outs of Cybereason’s Advanced Endpoint Protection

The ESG Technical Review offers readers a better understanding of Cybereason’s advanced security solution. Real UI screenshots and clear evaluations from ESG analysts offer insight into Cybereason’s ability to reduce risk from fileless and ransomware, increase analyst efficiency, and reduce total cost.

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Key Takeaways

Effecient. Fast. Easy-to-Use

ESG finds that the Cybereason Defense Platform provides a simplified, enhanced, and accelerated security analyst workflow. Using Cybereason, ESG analysts were able to quicky triage and prioritize alerts, with rapid access to isolation, quarantine, and removal of attacks. A robust NGAV solution keeps advanced attacks out, allowing the team to focus on what matters.


ESG finds that Cybereason’s automatic data correlation and point-and-click interface enhances attack investigation, enabling security analysts of any level to quickly gain an understanding of the impact of the attack on the environment. Intelligent correlation and grouping of malicious activity means that analysts do not have to process an alert for each IOC/IOA, reducing alert fatigue and accelerating investigation.

Powerful Threat Prevention

ESG covered the Cybereason NGAV’s ability to block fileless, ransomware, and unknown threats, automatically and in real time. Analysts are able to further investigate, directly from a blocked threat- using a simple point-and-click UI to expose the root cause of an attack.

The platform made it simple and easy to investigate and understand each Malop, presenting all relevant information in a single view.

Get visibility into the entire attack chain in a single console



If your organization is looking for an efficient, fast, and easy-to-use endpoint security platform that integrates endpoint prevention, endpoint detection and response, and endpoint security analytics, then ESG believes that you should use the Cybereason Defense Platform