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SOC Talks —

Detect. Hunt. Protect.

PART 2: Hunting in your Environment


As attackers develop new tools and techniques, how do you know which activities are truly malicious? Defending an IT ecosystem means understanding the activities, relationships, and roles of an ever-growing and diverse set of people and things.

It’s more challenging than ever to keep up with advanced threats, and with attackers developing new tools and techniques so frequently, how do you know what activities are truly malicious? Hunting is a crucial first step in understanding your organization’s environment.

Join us in the second part of this three-part series with Mary Zhao, Security Analyst at Cybereason, to learn how you can and should proactively seek out malicious activity and gaps in your defense program. This webinar will show the kind of visibility you need into your environment, how you can reduce your risk, and up-level all of the analysts on your team to gain the maximum benefit.

Mary ZhaoMary Zhao

 Security Analyst | Cybereason